The story of our friendship began almost two decades before we met, when our husbands were growing up together as close family friends.  Many years later we met at Wheaton College, but didn’t get to know each other well until after graduation.

Sarah and her husband moved to the Twin Cities a few years after college and Haley and her husband followed a year later.  When Sarah left a teaching job to stay home with her firstborn, she started a book club with Haley and several other friends.  That group is where the real substance of our friendship developed.  Starting in 2007 we met monthly to discuss books as varied as Hannah CoulterCrossing to Safety, Kristin LavransdatterA Reason for God, and Newbery Medal Winners.  Sarah and her family left snowy Minnesota winters behind when they moved to California during the summer or 2011.  Haley keeps hoping they’ll return next week, but in the meantime this website is co-authored long distance.

We have long shared a concern for excellence in theological books for kids and lamented that the best ones are too hard to find.  In our conversations about Christian kidlit we often swapped titles that met our standards and talked about why there were so many others that didn’t.  We found ourselves wishing that there was a theological version of Under the Chinaberry Tree or a more comprehensive section of distinctly Christian books in Honey for a Child’s Heart.  Since there wasn’t, we decided to create a blog so we could share our own booklist with others and begin a conversation about the dual importance of truth and beauty in children’s theological books.  We’re at home in Anglican and liturgical traditions, which influences our writing in a variety of ways.

For more insight into our approach, check out our introductory post or our favorite food for thought posts.  You can also read more about Haley and Sarah on our individual About pages.  If you’re really interested in finding out what makes us tick, here’s a (far from complete) list of influences: