Now Posting on Instagram!

Hello, dear readers! Sarah and I have missed sharing books with you for the past three years (has it really been that long?!) and have decided to jump back into the world of book reviews. For this new season, though, we’re going to be over at Instagram. Maintaining the blog and writing longer reviews still isn’t something that we can commit to, but we’re hopeful that the IG platform will streamline the posting process for us and enable us to continue doing what we love: sharing beautiful and true theological books for children. The blog archives will always be here for you to peruse, but going forward all titles we share will be at our new virtual home. You don’t have to have an IG account to view our posts, so don’t let that stop you from visiting us there. We’re kicking off the first week of 2018 with a new post every day – help us spread the word!

We’re delighted to invite you to follow us @aslanslibrary, and don’t forget to say hello in the comments! If you have book suggestions for us, books that you believe to be the very best of theological kidlit that are worth sharing with the Aslan’s Library community, do send us a direct message. We’re eager to reconnect with you and hear what you’ve been up to in your reading lives. See you there!


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