Summer Vacation

Summer vacation

It’s a fact: given that we have small children, busy families, and, well, life in general — we’ve found that we’re seasonal bloggers. And the season of summer is the season of OFF. Off the interwebs, off the weekly round of activities (violin, gymnastics, soccer: I’m looking at you), off of schedules and due dates and packed-to-the-minute calendars. Instead, we’re hanging out at the lake, visiting family, fleeing the fog (sorry, San Francisco: I love you but not in July), eating epic barbecue prepared for hours by my husband, and generally slowing down.

This space will be quiet for the summer, although all of our book recommendations are available under the Book List tab — click on any book and it will take you straight through to our review of it. We’ll still be reading aplenty, raising our kids, attending church, and generally thinking about what it means to introduce these smaller people to our great God and his story through books, music, and life together. Just doing those things more slowly, across longer days, and over large plates of barbecue (hopefully).

Hope all you fellow northern-hemisphere folks have a lovely summer. Keep in touch, and we’ll see you when the days get shorter and the fog rolls out.

Summer in the city, SF edition

Summer in the city, SF edition


2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. Oh! I’m so sad that I found this blog just in time for you to take a break from it! But I understand…I’m a blogger too, and we need vacations just like everyone else. 🙂 I look forward to you coming back though so I can read more. Until then, enjoy your time off.

  2. I just discovered your blog and want to say, Thank You! It always seems difficult to me to sort out the solid theological children’s books from the mass of so-so books produced by so many publishers (Christian and otherwise). You are providing a much-needed service! I buy books each year to use in our children’s program at our church, and your list was a treasure trove of titles I hadn’t yet found. I hope you are able to come back from your summer vacation refreshed and ready to dig out some more treasures for us.

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