Kindergarten at Home

DSC_0005-002We’re a few months into my daughter’s kindergarten-at-home experience and I’m happy to report that thus far we are all still alive and well.  🙂  I like to say that our version of kindergarten is low key and high joy, and most days that’s an apt description of what’s going on at our house.

Our lessons in math, spelling/phonics, and handwriting are all going well, but what we’re most excited about is getting to spend lots and lots of time reading aloud together.  We’re doing poetry teatimes, savoring some fantastic chapter books, learning about famous scientists, and exploring six countries (one at a time) via picture books.

The first country on our list was China (because my kids’ aunt and uncle live there) and wow, it’s amazing how many children’s books there are about China!  I culled through some big stacks of books before narrowing it down to about fifteen that we used to explore the Chinese language, culture, and stories.  For about seven weeks we read to our hearts content – we also learned a few words in Mandarin thanks to youtube and made a Chinese feast for dinner one night.  Now we’re on to Brazil, and later on we’ll dive into England, Israel, Indonesia, and Kenya.  Such fun!  If anyone is interested in seeing the booklists I’m creating for any of those places let me know.  I’d be happy to do a series on them as long as you don’t mind me veering that far off the path of theological kidlit.

I’d love to hear what those of you with school aged children are reading with them these days!  Do you have any great literary discoveries to share with the rest of us?  My daughter and I just started Betsy-Tacy and… swoon.



3 thoughts on “Kindergarten at Home

  1. My oldest son (13), once a reluctant reader, has just finished “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis (if he enjoyed anything, I was hoping it would be Narnia!), and “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom. What has been most surprising for me, is that my youngest (age 9) and I are reading “Robinson Crusoe” together and enjoying it very much. He asks about it every day and often laughs out loud while we’re reading together. If I was not reading it aloud to him, I’m not sure he would be as interested. Thank you for supporting and encouraging parents and children to share books together!

  2. Haley – We’d LOVE to see your list of Indonesian books! And… if you and your little one would ever like to Skype with someone in that country, I have a 1st-grader who would love to “show you around.” 🙂 Thanks so much for your blog – it’s a blessing and encouragement to me.

    • Sarah, Indonesia is the last one on our list for the spring so I’ve not finalized our list of books yet. But if I don’t end up blogging about it I’d be happy to just email you the list when it’s ready!

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