Happy Easter! (With some links)

Happy Eastertide! I hope you all had a wonderful celebration last Sunday, and that you continue to celebrate the risen Christ well and heartily. If we can fast for 40 days, we can party for 50, no? Or at least continue to remind one another of the truth: we were dead, and now we are alive, already sharing by the Spirit in the life of the resurrected Jesus! He lives, and by his loving Spirit, so do we. I think that’s worth celebrating until Pentecost, don’t you?

We’ll be back next week with another review, and more to come in the upcoming weeks (including Haley’s amazing system for making the public library your own — keep an eye out!) In the meantime, here are a few links to some good writing (and singing) I’ve been clicking on recently:

Happy reading, happy spring, and see you next week!



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