Well, hello!

Well, hello there.

How have things been? We’ve been well, but we’ve missed you. And we sure are glad to be back.

Oh, and guess what? We have some shiny new things to show you! Like a new Tumblelog, where we’ll be posting bits from what we’ve been reading, as well as links to other interesting folks writing on this newfangled Internet thingy. It’s our very own public commonplace book, where you can follow along, comment, and share. While the space here at our main blog remains dedicated to all things theological kidlit, we’re excited to invite our readers into other bits of our reading and thinking as well.

You can still follow and chat with us on Twitter and Facebook as well. We’re excited about using both to keep connected with our readers, draw others into conversation, and generally spread the word about the very best in theological literature for kids. If you haven’t followed us there yet, do stop by and say hello!

Our hiatus wasn’t really planned and lasted longer than we guessed it would, but both Haley and I are eager to start this conversation again. To those of you who have happened upon us via our Lent postings from years past, welcome! To those who have been reading for awhile, welcome back! We’re so looking forward to reading and discussing with you.

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