A fellow traveler’s blog, and a winner

We all know there are hundreds of book blogs, book lists, and other resources for the literary-minded parent. It’s a little overwhelming to sort through them all, let alone read more than a few. So I’m pleased as punch to point you to a fellow-traveler – and an Aslan’s Library reader! – on the blog road. If you haven’t checked out Théa’s Little Book, Big Story, you should. She’s building a lovely virtual bookshelf, and it’s delightful to read her observations on the books she’s begun to display over there. Stop by and drop her a line!

And before we get back to the business of reviewing tomorrow (hint: some music that my kids like to sing loudly in public, to the bemused glances of passerby), I’m also glad to announce that we’ll be sending Tori  L. a copy of Thoughts to Make Your Heart SingTori, drop us a line and we’ll get it out to you to enjoy. Thanks to all of you who dropped by and shared birthday wishes: it was wonderful to hear from all of you. Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “A fellow traveler’s blog, and a winner

  1. Haley and Sarah, I have been so excited to find your blog and be connected to other faithlit resources and wonderful blogs! A place to learn about children’s faith-based books and media is just a dream for me so stumbling upon your site has been a real gift! Thank you for offering these posts and please keep them coming!

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