Best Books for Lent

Between the two of us, Sarah and I have reviewed nearly 80 books since we’ve been blogging.  We’re still discovering new ones all the time, but one of the things we’d also like to do this year is go through the archives and pull together some best-of lists on a series of different topics.  Today is Shrove Tuesday (pancakes for dinner, anyone?), so we thought we’d start with our favorite books for Lent.  Our hope is that the list will help us fully enter into the Lenten season with our families.

In making the selections we were looking for books with four different themes: (1) books placing Jesus’ life and death as the main subject,  (2) books that help children understand the dynamics of sin, judgment, and grace, (3) books that show us the way of humility, and (4) books to guide the daily living-out of our faith.  No matter how you do (or don’t) observe Lent, there’s something for everyone here!

You probably already know that Sarah and I both love Lent, and in previous years we’ve written a lot about this particular season of the church calendar.  After the booklist we’ve provided links to those posts in case you’re in need of fresh ideas for how to set aside the next 6 1/2 weeks in meaningful ways.

Books for Lent

Jesus at the Forefront!

Sin, Judgment, and Grace


Spiritual Disciplines and Holy Living

Food for Thought about Lent (and Easter)


6 thoughts on “Best Books for Lent

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  2. Just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful reviews and resources you have shared on this blog. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and ALWAYS turn to it when I am looking for book ideas for Christian holidays, biblical themes, etc for my two young children.

    This Lent list is wonderful. It’s great to find a list of books that aren’t just about the Resurrection. Those are clearly central to the Easter celebration, but the redemptive story of Easter is really told throughout the whole Bible. Great resource! Thanks!

    • Hi Anne! I’m so glad that you find our posts helpful – that’s why we started the blog in the first place and it’s comments like yours that helps us stay motivated to keep it up. If you ever come across a book that we haven’t reviewed but think that we should know about, please shoot us an email!

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