Fiona French
HarperCollins, 2001

Bethlehem is a classic nativity book in every sense.  Like several others we’ve reviewed, its text is taken straight from the Bible and its illustrations capture the story of Jesus’ birth in fairly traditional ways.  What makes this book unique is the way that Fiona French has managed to capture the beauty of classically designed stained glass.  Turning the pages is like glancing around a great cathedral to see a series of images that are all part of the Story we celebrate every December 25.

If you’re searching for Christmas books that are something other than a straightforward retelling of the birth of Christ, this book is probably not going to be a fast favorite for you.  (Check out The Christmas TrollThe Best Christmas Pageant Ever, or The Jesse Tree if originality  is what you desire.)  But if you’re like me and can’t have enough Nativity books scattered around your home at this time of year, please do track it down.  It would be a beautiful addition to any Christmas library!


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