Seeds Family Worship

Up to this point we’ve focused almost exclusively on literature thus far at Aslan’s Library, but I’m sure you all know that it can be just as hard to find artistically beautiful theological music for kids.  For that reason, Sarah and I would like to start including music reviews, on occasion, alongside our book reviews.  First up are the CDs from Seeds Family Worship.

The Seeds CDs have been part of our family’s soundtrack for several years now (they’re our favorite car music) and we love them all.  For those of you not already familiar with their work, their mission is to “plant the seeds of God’s Word in the hearts of families” and to encourage families to worship together.  A worthwhile goal, indeed!  The albums are obviously lyrically rich, but the accompanying music is also nicely done and artistically diverse (i.e. the songs don’t all sound the same), which in my book equates to Parent-Friendly.  My family has all of the CDs and we all honestly enjoy them – out of the entire set there are only a couple of songs that aren’t favorites.

The 7 seeds albums are themed collections of Scripture set to music.  The first 6 themes are courage, faith, praise, purpose, encouragement, and character.  I love that the newest album (The Character of God) goes through a set of verses about the traits of God, from love and light to wise and faithful, and ends with a great song about trusting the Lord from Psalm 20:7.  I don’t know how many Seeds CDs are planned, but as long as they’re producing music as quality as the first 7 albums I’ll keep buying them all!  I regularly recommend them to my real life friends and I’m happy to recommend them here as well, not only for the music itself but also because you can’t beat singing and dancing to Scripture with your kids.  It’s an experience that is, as they say, priceless.

And now, a few details for those who are curious… The first 5 albums use the NIV, but with the 6th album they started using the ESV.  Each volume has 10-12 songs, some upbeat and some slower paced.  Digital downloads are available on Amazon, but when you buy hard copies for just a few dollars more you actually get two (identical) CDs so you can share one with a friend.   I usually buy mp3s when I get new music, but with Seeds I prefer the hard copies.

When I wrote to the folks at Seeds to let them know I was planning a review, they kindly sent a coupon code for our readers.  So whether you’re discovering them for the first time, wanting the latest CD, or looking for gifts for the kiddos in your life, hop on over to the Seeds store and use ASLANSLIBRARY for 20% off your entire order (through the end of 2012)!


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