We’ve Missed You!

Really! We have!

The past four or five months have been exceptionally busy seasons for both Haley and me. Big life changes combined with all the glorious chaos that comes with raising small children have kept each of us preoccupied, but we’ve sure missed the rhythms of reading and sharing on this blog.

So we’re really excited to get back into action this fall! Instead of our twice-weekly postings, look instead for a review or food-for-thought post each Tuesday. We’ll continue to review children’s books we love, but also watch for reviews of music and of books for parents about the spiritual lives of children. There are some wonderful resources out there, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Look too for continued musings on sharing the church year with children; on reading to and with children (something that changes annually, it seems, as children grow); and on helping our kids grow in their wonder and imagination about God. We’re also thinking hard about ways to foster more conversation among readers of this blog. You are some smart and interesting folks, and we want to know what you’re thinking!

Here at Aslan’s Library, we’re as committed as ever to finding the very best in theological books for kids and sharing those books with you. Thanks for reading, and please check back tomorrow for a book review!


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