Your friendly helpful Wednesday link

n.b.: this is *not* my house. I just like the purple console.

A friend and Aslan’s Library reader sent this link along to me earlier today, and I thought it was worth sharing: 10 Tips for Developing a Love of Literature. Much of it is stuff that I already “knew,” but it was winsomely put and well worth reading.

A plus: I loved her idea of putting books in the entryway to a home! The entryway has long been a challenge to me – how do I welcome people into my home and give them a moment to transition into our family’s space, as well as make it a practical space for us as we come and go? Now that we’re in San Francisco, our home has a single doorway in and out, so it has to function as a) the place where the kids and I gear up to go outside; b) the place where stuff gets parked when we come back indoors; c) the place that marks our re-entry into our family’s space and life together; d) a welcome to my husband after a long day of work or return from travel; and e) (not least!) a space that invites others into our family’s life. Books are at the heart of so much about our family, it only makes sense to find a way to fit them there.

(Another entryway idea: maybe including a framed print of family rules – inspired by Kristen Stewart’s creation over on This Classical Life, shared with me by Haley – on the wall? Too personal for the “public” space of the entry? Or a way to remind us of who we are as we enter and leave?)

How about you? How do you manage the entry into your space? In what ways do you use it to signal something about your family’s culture? Could you see putting books there?

2 thoughts on “Your friendly helpful Wednesday link

  1. We are in an upstairs duplex so we have a lot of steps and then you are pretty much in the living room. I think I might adjust family rules based on where they are hanging – more “life rules” and less “kid rules” like no whining if they are near the door? Though I tried to make mine as broad as possible to apply to a lot of ages as I don’t want to have to reconsider and reprint them every other year.

    I like the idea of books in the entry space if you have space for them (console table, etc.) But I like books everywhere because we never have enough shelf space for them all anyway!

    Thanks for the link btw 🙂

  2. I’d love to read the 10 tips article, but the link seems to be broken. Can you remember who wrote it? Maybe they “moved” their blog?

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