Summer Chapter Books!

Over here at Aslan’s Library we are big fans of Melissa Wiley and her blog Here in the Bonny Glen. So imagine my delight when, several weeks ago, she posted a list of the best chapter books to read with a four year old!

Because, you see, I have a four year old. I’ve known since she was born that one of my favorite things about parenting would be getting to share some of my favorite books with her, and glory of glories – she is old enough now to begin some of the chapter books!

And it is summertime, which in my book means two very particular things: 1) time to read for hours at a time, by the lake or curled up in the air conditioning; 2) reading contests at the library! Now that my daughter is old enough to be introduced to the literary pleasure of summer (and prizes from the library), I’ve been pulling out the chapter books I’ve been buying at used bookstores and tent sales since before she was born. Hooray and thanks to Melissa Wiley for some guidance in choosing among them!

We just finished – and thoroughly enjoyed – A Bear Called PaddingtonRight now, we’re reading Charlotte’s Web; next up in the docket are Little House in the Big Woods and Just-So Stories. And My Father’s Dragon and The Fantastic Feats of Dr. Boox, if I can find them. What will all of you be reading on the hammock with the kiddos for the rest of the summer?


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