The Kidlit Corner, West Coast Style

Well, hello to everyone from atop our hill in San Francisco! Most of our boxes are unpacked (or hidden out of sight) and we’re starting to settle into life on the West Coast. The weather is ridiculously gorgeous here today, and it feels almost unbelievable that within 15 minutes, the kids and I can be at the beach.

A windy, cold water beach, yes – but hey! The ocean is the ocean, and I love it.

Here at home, the very first thing out of the boxes was the books – and since I challenged Haley to a kidlit-corner arranging match, I thought I had better post the results. I had a slight advantage in that I did not have to paint a thing, and our old flat has this wonderful little telephone corner just begging to be read in. Since, you know, I had to explain to my daughter what exactly a land line was – we don’t have one. Anyhow – most of her books live on the bookshelf in her room, but we set aside a basket to rotate some through and the telephone shelf is perfect for storing library books!

We didn’t want to leave the baby out, so he got his own little reading corner in the living room. Currently, his favorite occupation is to pull out books, climb into the chair, and drop them off the back. His sister parks herself behind the chair, picks off the books as they fall, and attempts to read them to him – though with little success thus far. Nevertheless, a good time is had by all. 

3 thoughts on “The Kidlit Corner, West Coast Style

  1. The baby corner is so sweet! We set a basket full of board books out for our 9 month old daughter and dubbed it her “office,” because something about her method of systematically removing every single book and flinging it over her shoulder reminds us all (3 year old included) of work.

    • So true! It is definitely his work – along with carefully removing, daily, the orange juicer from the kitchen drawer and depositing it in the mixing bowls; stacking all of his spoons inside his sister’s overturned kitchen stepstool; and all the other seemingly random but very purposeful tasks he does every day. I just love watching their little brains work!

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