The Kidlit Corner: Before

I’m forgoing a traditional food-for-thought post today because I need some accountability.  You see, my wonderful husband built me two bookshelves so we could have some dedicated space to keep our children’s books.  They’re beautiful:

So what’s the problem, you ask?  The problem is that it’s my job to paint them and it’s not getting done.  I always seem to find other things to do in the evenings… but I really want to finish the shelves so I can turn this area into a kidlit corner:

Say hi to my daughter!

We do have one bookshelf in her room and we have the most lovely display shelf in our living room, but we have lots more children’s books than they can hold.  Need proof?  Okay.  Do you see the small entryway in the last photo?  It leads to storage space (which we hope to convert someday into a super cool play space):

Yes, most of what’s in those boxes is kidlit.  What can I say?  I love books and I’ve been buying kidlit for, ummm, as long as we’ve been married (nearly 8 years) even though my daughter is only 2.

So!  I thought that maybe if I posted a picture of my lovely but need-to-be-painted bookshelves you all could demand to see photos of the completed kidlit corner in a week or two, thereby motivating me to get working.  Deal?


7 thoughts on “The Kidlit Corner: Before

  1. Haley I LOVE how you have so many kids’ books! What a blessing to your children! I’m sure it’s all quality too! Hope those shelves get painted…I know the feeling…it’s so hard to start a project after kids are in bed!

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  3. Here’s the deal: you get your corner finished & photographed, and I’ll get a corner unpacked, finished, and photographed out in CA. Mutual accountability, friend!

    • Deal! I’m afraid I have a head start, though: one of the bookshelves has already been painted, moved into its spot, and filled with books. Yours are all on a moving truck. 🙂

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