Hello, Facebook!

For all of you readers who are on Facebook… we’re there, too!

Sarah and I are hoping that our FB page will help us connect with more readers, so please visit us and join in the fun!  If you “like” us you’ll get the lastest Aslan’s Library news in your stream.  All of our blog posts will show up there, but we’d also love for our page to be gathering spot for friends and readers who care about the issues we write about here.  We love hearing about your favorite books and about how books play a role in your family’s faith formation, so if you’ve got something to say, post it on our wall and we’ll all chat!

One thought on “Hello, Facebook!

  1. Hey, are either/both of you on Goodreads or Library Thing? Those are some great places to connect with book lovers and compare bookshelves. Also, just today I wanted to order an out-of-print book and consulted dealoz.com to find the best deal. Have you ever used it? It searches many new and used book retailers allay once to find you the best price. Such a handy tool! A friend told me about it years ago, and I have been so thankful.

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