Happy (Reading) New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers! We hope your family is enjoying a blessed Christmas season, and looking forward to the revelation of Christ’s light to all the world at Epiphany. Thanks for joining us in 2011, and we look forward to reading through the year with you.

I’m sitting here looking at a stack of (grownup) books that I have lined up for 2011, and before we dive back into the reviews, just for fun, I thought I’d share some of the titles. Some are for book clubs, and some are just for me. We’d love to hear what you’ve been reading, too!


2 thoughts on “Happy (Reading) New Year!

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I am your cousin on Ann’s side of the family; Bill and I attended your wedding. I just bought Tim Kellor’s new book; he is the pastor of the church our son Ben, also your cousin, is an elder. Another book worth your consideration I also just bought is ‘Saving Leonardo: A call to resist the secular assault on mind, morals, & meaning’, by Nancy Pearsey. Also, a book borrowed from our library, ‘Making Haste from Babylon: the mayflower pilgrims and their world, a new history.’ by Nick Bunker. Also, your two children are adorable, Ann sent a photo of them with the Dahl Christmas letter. I am glad for a way to keep in touch and am recommending your website to my family and praying Ann and Howie are able to meet with Anthony and our daughter Irene and their children while in Israel (my daughter lives there with her family). Blessings with love, Virginia

  2. I just finished Paul Harding’s Tinkers, a book I’m sad to have read alone and would very much like to “discuss” with any Aslan’s Library followers. 🙂

    Looking forward to Joan Didion’s A Year of Magical Thinking, Dickens’ Little Dorit, and some non-fiction essays by the good Mr. Berry.

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