Baby’s First Christmas: Great Board Books to Give

If you have any babies (or toddlers, for that matter) that you’re buying gifts for this Christmas, why not consider giving board books instead of toys?  For the first few years, kids are given so many toys but they actually don’t need many at all.  On the other hand, can a child ever have too many books?  We’ve compiled a list of our very favorite favorite board books for the first few years of life.  We’ve linked to board book editions here, but many of them are also available in hardback and paperback.

You’ll notice that there’s not a theological title in the bunch; for the next few Wednesdays we thought we’d branch out a bit and share some of our favorite non-theological books.  But of course we also recommend the theological books we’ve reviewed here on the blog (all of which are listed in our Library List and at Aslan’s Bookshop).

Just-for-Fun Books

These are books that we as parents loved as much as our babies did!  They’re fun to read, well written, and wonderfully illustrated. 

Books for Cuddle Time

These books are great for when your little ones are winding down for a nap – or just when they need some extra love and cuddles.

Bedtime Stories

Every baby’s book basket needs at least a few bedtime stories in it!  These are our children’s favorites.


6 thoughts on “Baby’s First Christmas: Great Board Books to Give

  1. Great List — I especially like Jamberry, Good Night Moon, Dear Zoo, Mommy Hugs/Daddy Kisses, Peek-a-Boo, Sheep in a Jeep.

    Some of our favorites Board Books include – nearly all the Margaret Wise Brown books. – especially: The Big Red Barn, The LIttle Fur Famliy, Bunny’s Noisy Book, and A Chil’d Good Night Book, and LIttle Donkey Close Your Eyes.

    Other baby board books we really liked are: Hush LIttle Baby by Sylvia Long, Time For Bed by Mem Fox, Snuggle Bunnies, Quiet Bunny, Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Baby Bear, Baby Bear by Eric Carle, My Daddy and Me, and My Mommy and Me. I also liked It’s Time To Sleep My Love — this should be coming out in board book in December.

    Also: 1 is One by Tasha Tudor, Little Baa, and A Child’s Garden of Verses classic illustrated board book…..

    Warmly, loree

  2. My up to 24m Board Book Favorites would be
    Owl Babies by Martin Waddell
    Jamberry by Bruce Degan
    Good Night, Little Bear by Richard Scarry
    My Friends by Taro Gomi
    Barnyard Dance (our favorite Boynton)
    Brown Bear, Brown Bear
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    Runaway Bunny
    Goodnight Moon

    • I’ll have to check out My Friends – I’ve never heard of it. Thanks for the list, Kristen! It’s fun to see you here after reading YOUR blog for so many years.

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