Who Is Coming to Our House?

Who Is Coming to Our House?
Joseph Slate & Ashley Wolff
Putnam, 2001 (board book edition)

It’s true: the first Sunday of Advent is less than three weeks away!  We’re starting to review Christmas books now not to stress you out but to give you plenty of time to get your hands on some great seasonal books before Advent starts.

The other reason we wanted to start reviewing Christmas books now is that there are so many good ones out there!  It’s truly a great time of the year for Christian kidlit.

Even though one of my biggest pet peeves with Christmas books is when an author creates a side story based on the animals in the stable, I have to admit that sometimes it really does work.  Take, for instance, Who Is Coming to Our House? by Joseph Slate.  It’s one of the few truly Advent books out there because it’s not a Nativity story.  Rather, it’s a story about expectancy and preparation, which is precisely what the upcoming season of the church year is all about.

Who Is Coming to Our House? tells a story about stable animals excitedly getting ready for Mary and Joseph to arrive.  Each animal does his own part to get ready for the special visitors – they clean, decorate, and try to make their home comfortable for the soon-to-arrive guests.  If you, like me, are generally intent on finding Christmas books that stick closely to the biblical accounts, this isn’t it (one of the animals is a peacock…).  But if you’d like to be able to read your children a book that will pave the way for a discussion about how we, too, can get our hearts ready for the great Christmas celebration, I commend it to you!

This book is currently only in print in its board book form.  That’s fine with me, because that’s what my 19-month-old prefers, but if you have slightly older children you might want to track down used copies in hardback or paperback.  In any form, though, this is a great book to kick off Advent in your home.

One thought on “Who Is Coming to Our House?

  1. Another book along these lines that our family has really enjoyed is The Stable Where Jesus Was Born. The illustrations are beautiful, and while the animals play a part in the story, Jesus remains the primary focus. The story reads like poetry.

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